The Rite of High Summer

Summer Peaches

A supplicant stands at the kitchen basin.

Hands cradle warm, fragrant fruit.

Fingers skim velveteen surface.

Knife slips between skin and flesh,

flashes silver edges. On the longitude,

she inserts the blade. Parts the mesocarp.

Reveals a gnarled seed.

With a flick, the pit tumbles. Leaves a rosy

depression into which her thumb slides.

White teeth bite into yellow flesh. Stored sunshine

melts on her tongue. Rivulets of moisture trickle

arms, baptize chin and seal her to the moment.

Higgs to You

Saturn Found: Fell to Folly

Higgs Boson particle discovered.
But I tell you I found it years ago.
The God Particle is hidden in small things
where eternity is distilled for all to view.

No large particle Hadron Colliders were required to find
this treasure of obscurity. It’s right out in the open
Can scientists only confirm with evidence
what I confirm with my heart?

Poem for My Son

Ivy Halls of Accomplishment

From the days before your conception, I heard you calling to me,
asking for birth, life, and time to accomplish.
That you had god as your intermediary, was not astonishing,
because as soon as I heard your call, I heard god sanction your being.

You, took command of my body, became flesh. Born into the world,
you were impatient to move. Walking the floor with you raging
in my arms, I announced, “he is not like this,”
he is quieter, still, in his core.” You mastered words and people,
gathered the elements of becoming, grew into a child
who observed, the vagaries of the world.

One who with prescience knew others,
your mind encompassed unseen parts of their being
astounded us all. We were not surprised when you made
pronouncements with full confidence, unlike other children,
“I will play tennis,” (and you did not know how.)
“I will go away to school.” (and you couldn’t have found your way to North Charleston.)

You knew yourself, in a way that few elders can, that the young never do.
You rarely showed your fears, making us all think you might be infallible,
but then, in the crux, yielding to human fears
fretting over your choices, your desires of going on.

But you have gone on, you have prospered and you are the man
whom I saw in the first instance of your call to me from the deeps
of dwelling with god. You are yourself, more profound,
more heartfelt and more real than my hopes
could ever make you.