Summer’s End


At August’s close,

the heat has worn

all of the greens

out of the leaves.

Maples are gold.

The wind sings in pines

whose lush needles

no longer glint bright

with the sun.

Here  is the beginning of fall

when the cotton plants show white,

yellow butterflies float among them

while the sky is a dull blue.

4 thoughts on “Summer’s End

    • You’re welcome. It’s amazing how many of the leaves of the maples, poplars and sweetgums were yellow, and floating down on the breeze. Whether the temps feel like it or not, the earth knows fall is only 3 weeks away.

    • Friday, as I went upstate, the scattering of yellow across the road was delightful, rather like confetti. And there was a yellow haze on everything. And the Goldenrod has started it’s annual bloom…so the earth knows the seasons are changing.

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