May Gardenias

May nights are a conjugation
of old scents. Magnolia. Jasmine. Gardenia.
Hunkered in darkness, they jump up,
Buss you on the lips and keep
their own counsel, as a favorite grandmother would.
All lace and grey hair, last century style.
Nature listens to no one. Prefers old school.
And though I don’t need to approve, I do
relishing her timeless scents.

10 thoughts on “May

    • These scents are so deeply connected to my grandmother. The whole part of memory which is stored via scents is ago easily triggered. Do you have particular scent memories that you cherish?

      • My mom’s southern fried chicken. As a kid I could smell it cooking down the stree while outside playing.

      • I wasn’t there but I know the scent and love it too. I don’t fry chicken because of the mess,but love the aroma.

      • I have kept the tradition alive. Southern fried chicken, gravy and mashed potatoes is a favorite of my kids. I have even cooked this meal for my parents.

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