Stitched With Silk

Judith Shea-Sculpture-Post-Balzac-Photo by flickr creative commons user krossbow

Today, I put on your love
like an overcoat
to protect me from the wind
and keep me warm.
You weren’t around
but you left it for me to use
when I needed it.

It was quite comfy and full
with plenty of room
to move around
and reach for things
without tearing at the armholes.

Not like the coat I wore before,
large and shapeless
cast off from someone else
with many pockets
for holding all my tricks
which banged into my legs as I walked
and wore me down
and tired me out
with their weight.

But like my own skin.
Tailored to fit me.
Cut from the finest fabric
and stitched with silk.

Photo credit: Judith Shea, Sculpture, Post-Balzac, Photo by flickr creative commons user krossbow

11 thoughts on “Stitched With Silk

    • Your post today made me think of this poem. I actually wrote it for a friend who helped me have a few “ah ha moments.” But you are absolutely correct that a soul mate’s love fits perfectly!

      • Indeed! I will do. For many years I was in a wonderful writers group, and did a fair number of readings and participated in the incredible poetry community in our town. Mostly these days I write more for clients than for the sheer joy of expression. This blog is my attempt to stimulate myself and cause me to be more inspired to take up the discipline again…

      • I’m at the other end of the spectrum. Although published, the book was my first attempt at poetry. I’m up to 91 poems so far… having lots of fun learning, reading others material. Have not done any readings yet, but am working on getting one scheduled. It’s a little tricky, as I live out in the woods… 35 miles from the nearest town of any consequence. Hope your blog gets you fired up again.

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