Guitars and Players


Guitars and Players


Hands Plucking
Strings quivering
Sounds Resonating
In spaces confined.

Music created by touch,
Movements of air,
Vibrations gliding past in time.

Two bodies aligned in the concert of ancient Rhythms
Fingers pressing, moving
swiftly stroking rippling
Energy concentrated into points defined
by lines of sinew, sensuously drawn.

She who dances in response
laid upon his lap curved, open
touched deliberately, determinedly,
to create response.
Passion with single-minded focus.


Passion and violence
Chords strained
Knotted in pain
Give dissonance and harmony.

Frenzy, cacophony
She howls in a harmony of protest
Lust, plaintive, demanding.
Blue wailing into the night.

To John Holenko and Kent Duchaine, who moved me with their playing in two separate concerts on February 17, 1992.


4 thoughts on “Guitars and Players

    • Those two performances still resonate in my mind. And both performers held their guitars with just the reverence and passion as a dedicated lover holds his love. I just recorded what I saw!

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