Driving Into Eternity

Driving Into Eternity

Riding downhill into the wind
I awaken to the joy of possibility.
Exhilarated by the speed
I am propelled into my future.

Driving the straight-away with ever increasing urgency.
Competently shifting
Clutch, shift, accelerate
Clutch, shift, accelerate
I explode through the barrier into the unknown
Flying into my dreams.

Phosphorescent flashes light the blackness
Black on Black
Magnesium explosion on green
White core into day night
Resolution into blindness

2 thoughts on “Driving Into Eternity

    • When you asked about dreaming, this is what I thought about. This poem came from a dream I had over and over for many years. It was my subconscious telling me to break out…do what I wanted. And I did. And I quit having the dream. The dream also was made reality when I drove back during an early morning (4:30 a.m.) thunderstorm from the back reaches of Dorchester County on tiny roads, and experienced the startling feeling of sudden light/flashes in pitch black.

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